Eye Muscle Surgery

What Our Patients Are Saying...

"At my first visit he removed a growth from my left eye lid, I didn't expect that at first visit, It was a great surprise."

Eye Muscle Surgery

Life is better when your eyes work together.

If you or your child have eyes that cross inward or outward -- known as strabismus -- your eyes are deviating out of alignment and as a result, your brain may not be seeing the world around you optimally. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Eye muscle surgery betters the alignment of your eyes to improve both how they work together for your overall vision as well as how they appear. Eye muscle surgery is available for infants, children and adults. Many adult patients have lived their entire lives with misaligned eyes, not knowing options were available to treat the condition.

At OcuSight, our board-certified specialists have decades of experience performing eye muscle surgery. Our doctors start by performing complete examinations to determine the options that are best for you, including patients who have had eye surgery previously. Surgery is performed using a variety of anesthesia techniques in an outpatient setting, not requiring an overnight stay in a hospital. Most adult patients can return to work the week following surgery.

Learn more about your options for realignment and eye muscle surgery by calling any one of our four eye centers today.

You deserve optimal vision. Realignment through eye muscle surgery restores balance to your eyes and brings better focus to the world around you.