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Laser Vision Correction

Glaucoma Surgery

Vision loss is one of the scariest parts of aging. Put a stop to it while you can.

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Whether you’re newly diagnosed with glaucoma or have been under care for an extended period of time, glaucoma surgery can halt your vision loss before it’s too late.

If eyedrops and laser treatments are failing you, it’s time to find an experienced surgeon who can help you maintain your current level of vision.

At OcuSight, our board-certified doctors use gold standard traditional surgeries driven by Trabeculectomy and glaucoma drainage devices as well as minimally-invasive glaucoma surgeries (MIGS) to treat both open- and closed-angle glaucoma where appropriate. Decades of experience and thousands of procedures mean you’re in good hands at OcuSight.

Our doctors will work one-on-one with you to determine the best method for stopping vision loss in its tracks. Whether mild or more severe glaucoma is present, we can perform glaucoma surgery at the time of cataract surgery to minimize your time spent recovering from surgery.

Learn more about options personal to your situation for treating glaucoma by calling any one of our four eye centers today.

Glaucoma Surgery Providers