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Minimally invasive Laser Vision Correction

With ReLEx® from SMILE®, a lenticule and a small incision of 60 or 90 degrees is created inside the intact cornea, enabling an 80% smaller side-cut and 30% smaller cap cut, as compared to a LASIK flap.

Explore the advantage of ReLEx SMILE from ZEISS

✔ Minimally invasive surgery.

With SMILE, a lenticule and a small incision of 60 or 90 degrees is created inside the thus transecting fewer corneal nerves. The corneal nerve plexus is responsible for corneal sensation and maintenance of a healthy tear film. Also, the small incision associated with SMILE results is less disruption to the anterior corneal stroma compared to LASIK or PRK. The anterior stroma is thought to be responsible for playing an important roll in the biomechanical integrity of the cornea.

✔ Single step.

With SMILE, the entire correction is performed as a single-step: one laser, one treatment plan and one laser process.

✔ All-Femto.

Performed on a VisuMax® femtosecond laser from ZEISS, high precision, proven outcomes, predictability and ease of use are what SMILE stands for.