General Routine Care

What Our Patients Are Saying...

"The staff at OcuSight have been wonderful and I give the entire team my highest recommendation."

Please note: You're free to take your prescription wherever you choose for fulfillment. Know, however, that OcuSight can only guarantee frames and contact lenses provided by our optical shops. Filling prescriptions at other retailers or optical centers often results in dissatisfied patients. At OcuSight, your vision and comfort are our main priority.

General Routine Care

Your eyes are used every waking moment of every single day. They deserve the best care possible over your entire lifetime.

Taking care of your eyes starts with consistent, routine eye care.  At OcuSight, we offer routine eye care for patients from age 0 to 100 (and well beyond).

Each of our four locations is staffed with skilled physicians who will make your eye exam and check up as easy and enjoyable as possible. We pride ourselves in using the best technology and highest quality of care to make sure your experience is something to write home about.

Make OcuSight your one-stop shop

It’s our goal to make eye care as simple and complete as we can for you -- that’s why each of our locations features a full optical shop staffed by licensed opticians. Have your eyes examined, then step right into the optical shop to find the perfect pair of glasses or get fitted for contact lenses. By making OcuSight your one-stop shop, you get the highest quality lenses and the most comfortable fit. We guarantee to get your eyewear right, so that it works for you. Take them home and realize they’re not perfect? Not a problem. We’ll keep going until you have exactly what you need.

The collaboration of our physicians and opticians means the best possible experience for you as you take care of, and improve, your vision.

A day won’t go by where you don’t rely on your eyes. Visit OcuSight to treat them to the level of care they deserve.