Surgical Procedures

What Our Patients Are Saying...

"My doctor answered all of my questions, gave me clear expectations of what to expect for recovery, and left me in zero pain with only the tiniest bruise, which is healing nicely."

Surgical Procedures

At Ocusight, you can trust us to help you see your best.

Our staff of ophthalmologists and eye surgeons have fellowship training and decades of experience specializing in the latest advancements in eye surgeries. We take pride in the expertise that allows us to offer patients the following surgical procedures and outpatient treatments:

Our goal at OcuSight is to enable you to live your best visual lifestyle. Whatever issue you’re experiencing, it’s likely we can take care of it. We specialize in the most advanced and innovative methods of improving your visual function.

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Brighton Surgery Center

The Brighton Surgery Center is a multi-specialty, New York State Licensed and AAAHC Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center located in the Town of Brighton.


Trust the specialists at OcuSight to help you see -- and live -- your best.