Eyewear & Contact Lenses

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"If you in search of an Ophthalmologist that embodies everything a medical professional should be and more - I highly, highly recommend the doctors at Ocusight"

Please note: You're free to take your prescription wherever you choose for fulfillment. Know, however, that OcuSight can only guarantee frames and contact lenses provided by our optical shops. Filling prescriptions at other retailers or optical centers often results in dissatisfied patients. At OcuSight, your vision and comfort are our main priority.

Eyewear and Contact Lenses

When glasses and contacts are part of your everyday, it’s important that you love them.

OcuSight’s specialists get you fitted with the perfect glasses or contacts to make daily wear comfortable and enjoyable.

Glasses and contact lensEach of our locations features full optical shops, where we’re able to assist you with all your eyewear and contact lens needs. Our licensed opticians can handle even the most difficult of prescriptions -- try us!

Our expansive selection of frames satisfies both fashion and function -- from infants, to teens, to the young at heart. Competitive pricing makes your ideal eyewear affordable, and complimentary frame realignment keeps them comfortable for you month after month, year after year.


When the sun visits Rochester, your eyes need protection -- that looks good. OcuSight carries both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses from designers such as Rudy Project and Wiley X.

Visit one of our four locations for an eye exam or bring in your prescription from another doctor, and we’ll get started in outfitting you with the best glasses or contacts for you.